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Carmelo Anthony Is Team USA’s MVP

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On a team full of NBA All-Stars like the USA men’s basketball team, it is a hard decision to pick the player who should be named MVP. One must select a superstar among superstars, a leader among leaders. Kevin Love clearly wins for the best instgram pictures of the 2012 London Olympics. His username is KevinLove.

For the title of MVP, Carmelo Anthony is the best choice.

When Kobe Byrant made the famous Dream Team comments, it was a joke and disregarded by many, including President Obama and Dream Team originals. However, when Melo put 37 points on the board in 14 minutes on Thursday night against the Nigeria Olympic team, he made Charles Barkley’s statement that only Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James would have made the original Dream Team, sound foolish.

LakersNation tweeted:

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Carmelo put his talent and work ethic where Kobe’s mouth was and set an Olympian all-time USA scoring record. Melo leads the Americans in scoring with 20.7 points a game and in the game against Nigeria, he shot 83 percent from the 3-point line. Melo has had no problem adjusting to international style and regulation.

Melo is playing as a reserve, which would be a huge ego hit to most guys who have one of the most important basketball franchises ever, the New York Knicks built around them. This doesn’t seem to be the case for Melo who has been vital to every team USA victory thus far.

Melo has been the ultimate teammate, supporting team USA and giving them credit during his time in the spotlight. He has been a shoulder to lean on for an injured Love so that he could get up and celebrate USA’s baskets without putting weight on an hurt knee. In addition, when interviewed him regarding this standout performance against Nigeria, he said:

Well, the support system that we had, that I had with my teammates, you can’t explain that,” Anthony said. “The way that they tell me to shoot the ball, encouraging me to make shots, take shots, but then just to feel it every time, that touch, it’s kind of hard to explain it. If you’ve never done it, you really wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about just in terms of shooting the ball and shooting it well.

While everyone else on the USA basketball team is nearly flawless in their craft, Carmelo has played almost perfectly and that is why he should be the MVP.

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