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Boston Celtics Paul Piece Has Hard Feelings Aimed At Ray Allen

The hard feelings are starting to be aired out between members of the Boston Celtics and former “Big Three” member Judas..oops Ray Allen. First head coach Doc Rivers let it be known that he was pissed that Ray left for Miami. The latest member of the Celtics to let it be known that he was very disposed with Ray turning his back on his former teammates is none other than Celtics captain Paul Pierce. Pierce called Ray a brother that helped him win a championship ring, but made it clear that he was very bitter towards Ray for jumping ship in a recent interview. Pierce also feels the boo levels Ray receives will be a great barometer for the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.

The fact is Ray turned his back on his teammates. The selfish reasons of wanting to be more of the offense instead of Rajon Rondo is garbage. The fact he slapped Boston with taking a similar role with there top rival for less money shows me that it is a no brainer that Ray deserves to be booed. His teammates ( I am positive Kevin Garnett is so pissed that he will not even speak on the subject) should be bitter. I just hope Boston has the last laugh by winning a title without Ray and sending the wretched Heat packing. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!