Boston Celtics Paul Piece Has Hard Feelings Aimed At Ray Allen

The hard feelings are starting to be aired out between members of the Boston Celtics and former “Big Three” member Judas..oops Ray Allen. First head coach Doc Rivers let it be known that he was pissed that Ray left for Miami. The latest member of the Celtics to let it be known that he was very disposed with Ray turning his back on his former teammates is none other than Celtics captain Paul Pierce. Pierce called Ray a brother that helped him win a championship ring, but made it clear that he was very bitter towards Ray for jumping ship in a recent interview. Pierce also feels the boo levels Ray receives will be a great barometer for the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.

The fact is Ray turned his back on his teammates. The selfish reasons of wanting to be more of the offense instead of Rajon Rondo is garbage. The fact he slapped Boston with taking a similar role with there top rival for less money shows me that it is a no brainer that Ray deserves to be booed. His teammates ( I am positive Kevin Garnett is so pissed that he will not even speak on the subject) should be bitter. I just hope Boston has the last laugh by winning a title without Ray and sending the wretched Heat packing. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!

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  • M

    I love how Ray is now the villain. It somehow has NOTHING to do with him being trade bait the past two years, after he had already given the C’s a hometown discount for the very contract he was playing out. I get it: it’s simple to blame the guy that bolted. But treating that as the whole story is misleading.

    • http://BostonCelticsRantSports Rob Nelson

      Home town discount? 10 million a year for a guy that can no longer create his own shot is not a discount. The offers that were rumored to be out there were to play for a non contending team without a chance to win a title back in 2010. As far as trade deals that allegedly had nothing to do with it. Even if they did that is a poor excuse. They offered him double the money to stay. Ray still left. Ray made it clear that he wanted a different role than the one in Boston that was his. He did not want to come off the ebnch for a kid that he felt he was better than due to his pride. Ray had issues with Doc and Rondo and that is why he is gone. He turned his back on the team and thus is the bad guy in this situation.

      • Javier

        Dude, really? Ray Allen is a bad guy because he left a team that wanted to trade him anyway? Half of the NBA are bad people then. Except for the few that have spent their whole career in one team. How about you count Garnett as a bad guy.

        People like you seem to think that one particular moment that’s happening right now, is the be all end all of everything that has ever existed. Truth is Allen left Seattle, then he left Boston. Shaq left almost every contender in the league for another contender.

        Stop thinking that just because someone is on a Team that they owe their entire life to that team, it makes you look stupid. People who have opinions without analyzing both sides of the arguments turn into fools, like you…That, and they end up choosing a political party when they register to vote.

        Morons…Morons everywhere.

        • http://BostonCelticsRantSports Rob Nelson

          Clearly you have not presented the whole story yourself. I have zero problems with a guy leaving a team. Here is the part you conveniently leave out. Unlike Shaq in Cleveland and reallly every team he was on, he never said that he was there for life. Ray Allen did. Ray also spent five years with a group of guys he called brothers and then when they all decide to return with a better roster, he left them high and dry. This makes him a “bad” guy. If he kept his mouth shut and then with the rest of his so called brothers left in two years then there would be no issues. Clearly it is YOU that is the fool.

  • Sherrie

    You took what Paul Pierce said and spun it to your liking, not cool. First of all he said he was a little bitter, but understood that Ray had to do what was best for his family. If you haven’t read lately, Paul plans to test the free agent market as well. Ray seen the writing on the wall and before he let himself rot away on the bench he did the team a favor and made the hard decision for them. He took the pressure away from them so they wouldn’t look like the bad guys, all the while knowing that they didn’t want him anyway. As a journalist, you already know this but you want to get people worked up. I guess you don’t get too many good reviews that you have to take an original writing and add your spin and you wonder why people don’t like each other? The constant stretching of words that you all continue to write. I read right through your article because I had already read the original.

    • http://BostonCelticsRantSports Rob Nelson

      Where to begin. I spun nothing. Rumors of Pierce and KG feeling betrayed by Ray Allen leaving are not new. As far as what Pierce said, he made it clear that he was bitter and has not spoken to Ray since his texts before he signed. For guys that were that close as both have made clear to not even talk should tell you something. What about KG’s silence on the subject. I also made it clear that Pierce called him a brother. The fact is Pierce and the Celtics are pissed that Ray left and the reasons he left. He abandoned the men that he called brothers. Make no mistake I twisted nothing. Pierce and company have issues to say the least with Ray.

  • Quan

    The fact Allen went to the Heat will make this rivalry more intense.
    However, that should not determine or change the outcome. Miami has
    just eclipsed the shadow of it’s bigger brother. The fact that Pierce is now
    considering free agency at the end of this season says it all. Players are giving Danny Ainge the finger.

  • Random

    Surely his celtic contract doesnt prevent him from sitching teams. As a Heat fan, I am just glad he made the switch bwahahaha go home green shirts should be the last statement go heat! Paul Pierce is jealous. He wanted another ring so bad he should join ray allen in the heat

    • http://BostonCelticsRantSports Rob Nelson

      Another Miami Heat fan in the Ed Hardy douche bag mold. People like this are why people hate the Heat.