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Boston Celtics Paul Pierce Is Going No Where

Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce recently gave an interview where he made his intentions known that he plans to test free agency after his current contract expires. Pierce made it clear that he his quite confident that he can find work despite his advanced age due to the fact that he still is performing at an all star level this season. If Boston does not have a place for him, he knows someone will want the veteran scorer. However, I just do not see any situation that Pierce leaves the Celtics.

It is very rare and special for a guy to spend his entire career with one team. Unlike Judas…oops Ray Allen or even Kevin Garnett, Pierce is a lifelong Boston Celtic. Pierce has the chance to be that special player like other Celtics greats like Larry Bird, Bill Russell, and John Havlicek that spent their entire storied careers in Boston in order to achieve that legendary status.

Since the 1998 draft, Paul Pierce has donned green. Pierce got to know Red Auerbach and fell in love with the Celtics tradition and history. Pierce also became a big part of the history the past fourteen years. Pierce has become perhaps the greatest scorer in Celtics history. Pierce sits number two on the career scoring list behind only John Havlicek. Pierce along with Judas…oops Ray Allen and KG brought this proud franchise their latest run to glory with Banner 17 after 22 long years of mediocrity. Pierce will retire and 34 will be brought up to the rafters to be retired. Pierce knows that if he goes to any other team after his time in Boston that the final raising will not be as sweet.

Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge also knows what Pierce means to Boston. Pierce is the only guy left that is on the roster before Ainge arrived. Ainge knew Pierce was special and a great scoring talent. Ainge was rumored to be close to dealing Pierce this trade deadline, but at the last minute bailed out. The reasons were never given, but my money is on the fact that Pierce for even a solid draft pick would have caused too much of a stir due to Pierce’s stature in Boston. I cannot see after even more time in Boston and Pierce so close to Havlicek’s scoring mark that Pierce would be allowed to walk.

The bottom line is Pierce can say anything he wants, but the odds are just not good that he leaves Boston. Pierce is a life long member of this Celtics franchise and his exploits on the court warrant his special place in history with this club. These facts mean Pierce is going nowhere regardless of free agency status. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!