USA Basketball: LeBron James Proves Why He's The Best Player in The World

By nbamistress

LeBron James of the Miami Heat is the best player in the world, and while a year ago the narrative around the NBA was that LeBron didn’t have the “killer gene” or wasn’t clutch, he proved — once again — why he is the best player in the world when Team USA was struggling against Team Lithuania on Saturday.

Team Lithuania actually had a two-point advantage over Team USA and it had patriotic viewers on the edge of their seats because for a brief moment it looked as if USA may falter. After all, Lithuania had the script to give USA a hard time: pack the paint, force USA to shoot from the perimeter, and shoot well. Lithuania nearly robbed Team USA of a win, however, there wasn’t a chapter for stopping James.

LeBron went into cheat mode as he scored nine of the final 17 points made by Team USA, including that pivotal three-pointer. LeBron had been quiet the first three games, it had been less about scoring for LeBron and more about his passing skills, which  have been brilliant.

While there still may be jokes riddled with LeBron’s name ranging from his hairline to how he joined a “Super Team” the fact remains LeBron is the greatest basketball player in the world.

He can dominate a game with ease, but he can also take a step back from his offensive skills and dominate with his passing and defensive prowess.James is the perfect package, he doesn’t just have one skill set, but many.

His athleticism, power, intensity is mind-boggling and there is something none of the other teams in the Olympics have.

LeBron James.

The best player in the world.

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