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USA Basketball: Kevin Durant Goes Nuclear In 126-97 Win Over Argentina

Carmelo Anthony had his day, so did LeBron James, and during Monday’s Team USA 126-97 win over Argentina, Kevin Durant had his. In particular, he exploded during the third quarter, in which he should have had a detonation device attached to him because Argentina had no idea what was coming there way in lieu of Durant’s three-ball. 

Kevin Durant was a monster from the perimeter hitting 5-for-6 in the third quarter which added to Team USA’s 42-point 3rd quarter while Team Argentina barely scrounged up 17 points during the same quarter. Kevin Durant would end up with 28 points on 9-for-12 shooting. We have seen it happen before with Kevin Durant, and this game was no exception, when Durant is stroking the three-ball, nothing can touch him. Yeah, Durant’s three-ball was on F-I-Y-A, including a beauty from 35 feet away.

Yes, Kevin Durant tossed one up from 35-feet and it sunk in, never even touching the rim.

It’s one of those things that makes you happy as a basketball fan. That shot was perfection, it should have burnt a hole in that net, it’s precision was exquisite and the basketball had a fury of a hungry Durant wanting to put another international team out of it’s misery.

Beauty in motion.

Kevin Durant wasn’t the only one feeling ‘it’ as LeBron James also contributed 18 points on 7-f0r-12 shooting — and LeBron really led the charge going into the third quarter as the first half was predictably close between the two teams– and Chris Paul added 17 points on 6-for-7 shooting as well.

Team USA witll matchup with Australia on Wednesday.