Los Angeles Lakers In Blockbuster Trade Talks for Dwight Howard

By Kevin Van Pelt

It’s been over a year since the first rumors started with the Los Angeles Lakers trying to obtain Dwight Howard. The most recent rumor is the biggest trade talk of them all. A four-team blockbuster deal that would send Howard to the Lakers and Pau Gasol going to the Orlando Magic.

The other two teams in the trade discussions are the Philadelphia 76ers and the Denver Nuggets. The deal is not close to being done yet, but it appears that the talks are getting more serious throughout the week.

According to Yahoo Sports, the Lakers would also receive Denver forward Al Harrington. While Los Angeles would send Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia, while the 76ers will send Andre Iguodala to the Nuggets. The magic would also receive guard Arron Affalo. The deal is also said to include draft picks to the Magic, but it’s unclear from which teams. Also they would be willing to try and trade Gasol once he is obtained to get more assets to the team.

The Lakers have been trying to trade for Howard without getting rid of both Gasol and Bynum, but it looks like that deal is unlikely with Bynum not agreeing to sign a long-term extension with the Magic. With Denver added to the deal, Los Angeles is able to get another quality starter to play the power forward position in place of Gasol. The Lakers don’t have a lot of depth at the forward position, so trading both Gasol and Bynum would hurt the team severely, especially if Howard doesn’t commit to a long-term deal. However, with the addition of Harrington as well, it will make the trade more tolerable.

This trade will definitely shakeup the NBA if it happens, but as for now we must treat as any other of the hundreds of Dwight Howard rumors and just let it play itself out being over-analyzing it.


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