NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard To LA Lakers Wouldn't Make The Difference

By Mark Stringer

There have been many NBA Rumors floating around that the Orlando Magic are getting really close to a deal that would send franchise center Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The deal involves four teams which are the Magic, Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Denver Nuggets.

If the deal goes through as it has been rumored then the main player that the Magic would get would be Pau Gasol. The Lakers would get Howard, the 76ers would receive Andrew Bynum, and the Nuggests would get Andre Iguodala.

I’m predicting that it’s not going to matter if Howard is in LA or not. The Lakers are better with Gasol and Bynum. Sure, Howard is the better player of the 3, but with Gasol and Bynum you had a stud power forward and center. Gasol could score and rebound with the best of them and Bynum could play defense, rebound, and score. If it were me, I would rather have two guys with huge potential than one who has a little more potential.

I just think that this particular trade wont make the Lakers any better, but if they add the right pieces to go with Howard and Kobe Bryant then yes, maybe they contend for a championship. I think the biggest need is a point guard who’s best at the distributing the ball, but can also score when needed.

There are a couple other players that are involved in this trade based from the recent rumors, but I just mentioned the bigger named players.


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