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Rob Hennigan Panicked By Trading Dwight Howard To The Lakers

Rob Hennigan is a young general manager, but the GM in charge of the Orlando Magic made his first major mistake on the job by panic trading Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers.  The deal is a blockbuster one and the Magic end up getting no value back whatsoever.  They didn’t dump contracts, they didn’t get good picks, and they didn’t get good young talent.  So what gives?

Simply put, I think Rob Hennigan panicked.  There were not a lot of good deals on the table and he thought this was going to be the best one that he was going to get.  The Magic are going to be bad, but they still have a lot of money on the books.  This deal does not help them tank out and start from scratch.  It is certainly a head scratcher.

If Hennigan wanted to get the best value for Howard, he should have played it out longer.  It would have been risky but more teams might have wanted to try to get involved closer to the season.  There are a lot of teams that could give up young players and picks or take back bad contracts while getting Howard.  This deal does not help the Magic in the short or the long term.

Rob Hennigan is just a young guy and he will have a chance to make more moves.  He will need to improve upon this mess because this will have Magic fans at his front door with torches and pitchforks.  This deal is not a great start to his career.  The Magic are still stuck in no man’s land and they need more moves to make this trade make any sense.

I expect that Hennigan has a bright future ahead of him.  However, the dark cloud of this deal might hang around longer than he would like.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.