USA Basketball: F LeBron James Records Olympic Triple-Double

By nbamistress

LeBron James hushed critics once again on Wednesday when Team USA squared off against Team Australia in a quarterfinal match, in which USA sailed to a 119-86 victory over the Aussies.

How did LeBron silence his detractors?

LeBron James recorded the first triple-double in Team USA Olympic history.

For statistical purposes, he accumulated his triple-double with 11 points on 3-for-7 shooting, 14 rebounds — 3 offensive, 11 defensive — and 11 assists with ZERO turnovers, not to mention he had seven points, six assists, and 10 rebounds by the half (in 15 minutes of play). For the record, LeBron’s triple-double with zero turnovers in 30 minutes was the first in over 25 years in the NBA.

It has been said a bazillion times how passing, arguably, is LeBron’s greatest skill and this is yet another game where it was on full display. LeBron James is the quintessential unselfish superstar. He finds the open man, he doesn’t pass to defer, but passes because he sees an opportunity for a teammate to score. He doesn’t ball hog like the A-Typical  superstar, but facilitates and — in my eyes — is one of the greatest facilitators in the NBA.

With Team USA’s stacked roster, it should also come to no surprise why LeBron doesn’t feel like he should gun as there’s Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant to do that, which gives Bron this brilliant opportunity to embrace his inner Oscar Robertson …..

LeBron James can control both sides of the floor in a phenomenal fashion, which has been noted numerous times since the playoffs.

So, in summary, LeBron James is a beast.


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