A Charitable Trip Turns to Tragedy for Roy Hibbert

By J.M. Nicholas

Indiana Pacers All-Star center Roy Hibbert had made plans to take a charity trip to Sacramento California, in hopes of meeting a terminally ill fan. As one of his dying wishes, 12-year-old leukemia victim, Lee Eddins, wanted to meet Hibbert, whose career the young boy had followed since the NBA star was in college.

Tragically, this past Thursday, young Lee Eddins lost his battle against the illness. Hibbert’s biggest fan passed away one day before the Indiana Pacers’ starting center had planned on traveling out to California to see him. Hibbert’s visit was planned to be a surprise for the young boy.

Roy Hibbert, who recently signed a max contract to remain with the Indiana Pacers, is one of the most fan-friendly stars in the NBA. Hibbert is currently working on the third year of his “Area 55” fan initiative, where he buys a section of season tickets for the wildest and most outrageous Indiana Pacers fans. Although the meeting with Lee didn’t happen, Roy still made the trip to Sacramento to spend time with the Eddins family.

Stories such as this supersede sports, journalism, or celebrity. The loss of  young life is a reminder that being alive is about our relationships with people. We all come from different places and travel on different paths, but for unknown reasons, those paths sometimes cross. If we are lucky enough, we are sometimes blessed to have relationships that we can hold close to our heart and cherish. Roy Hibbert never got the chance to see Lee Eddins in person, but there is no doubt that this young man will always be appreciated, and will never be forgotten.

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