Andre Iguodala's Role with the Denver Nuggets

By nbamistress

It has been more than three days since the blockbuster trade that involved four teams that sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers, Andrew Bynum to the Philadelphia 76ers and Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets and there is still a lingering question in the minds of Denver Nuggets fans which is, what does Iguodala mean to Denver?

Denver gave up Al Harrington and Arron Afflalo for one of the best defensive-minded athletes in the NBA. Yes, the Denver Nuggets will take a hit in the offensive category, which equates to around a 3 points per game, but the team acquires exceptional defense. Denver ranked 29th last season in points allowed, and obviously, they’re abysmal defense will no longer be with the addition of Iguodala.

Teams that have long torched the Nuggets from the perimeter — think Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder —  and will no longer get easy looks as Denver unleashes Iguodala on Durant and other three-point gunners.

In case you were high on Arron Afflalo, here’s a stat that says it all from ESPN: Arron Afflalo ranked 113th out of 113 players defending 500+ plays, while Iggy placed 13th. Denver fans well versed with basketball acumen have often criticized the lack of perimeter defense and it’s these people that understand howIguodala will complement the Denver Nuggets’ system.

Iguodala is more athletic, better all-around player, slasher, ball handler, and more defensive-minded than Afflalo. Also, he’s a gold medalist as he was a member of the Team USA Men’s Basketball team in London.

If you were wondering about the starting lineup of the Denver Nuggets, it’s will look something like this: Ty Lawson (PG), Andre Iguodala (SG), Danilo Gallinari (SF), Kenneth Faried (PF), and JaVale McGee (C).

In summary, Denver fans can look forward to seeing a much improved Denver Nuggets team next season.

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