Boston Celtics Jason Terry Shows Off Championship Attitude

By Rob Nelson

The Boston Celtics have always been a proud franchise that had only one goal and that was winning the NBA title. Winning the Atlantic division or Eastern Conference’s top seed are not what this franchise is about. Anything less than an NBA title is a failed season. 17 titles have shown that this franchise has been dominant and has embraced the championship philosophy. However, the team is on a current five year title drought. During this five year drought, the team looks like it lost a little of the championship swagger that it possessed in 2008. When the Boston Celtics signed free agent guard Jason Terry, the move went a long way to restoring that championship swagger that landing the “Big Three” brought about in 08.

In a recent display of championship attitude Jason Terry tattooed the Celtics Logo on his arm with Lucky the Leprechaun holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy. This was a bold declaration that Boston was going to be winning the NBA title this season with the “Jet” providing a spark to make it happen. This is a championship attitude.

Not everyone has the confidence to put a bold tattoo on his body letting the world know in his mind he is going to achieve victory. Some guys shy away from the pressure of making a bold statement like that. Some guys will not even talk about the title. Jason Terry on the other hand exudes confidence. In his mind his team is the best and he will go out and help them prove it night in and night out. This is the kind of swagger champions have. Terry is a champion.

The great news for Boston is the last time Terry left a mark like this on his body (he has the Larry O’Brien Trophy on his arm letting the world know in 2011 that Dallas was winning it all), the dream came to fruition. The Boston Celtics are reloaded and are more than capable of making Terry’s bold tattoo look like a stroke of genius. Stay tuned to see if Boston can back up Terry’s new tat. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!

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