Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Has Been Hard At Work This Off Season

By Rob Nelson

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo showed off for the world in a recent video released to the world that show his uncanny leaping ability. However, that video showed something else to the world that means a lot more to Boston Celtics fans. The world also got to see in these videos a bulked up and stronger Rondo. This new bulked up frame shows that Rondo has been hard a work this offseason getting his body stronger to be a more effective and durable NBA player.

Reports confirm that Rondo has indeed added muscle to help strengthen his body for the upcoming season. He feels a stronger frame will prevent him form the minor injuries that he has bothered him during previous seasons. He may be right because a stronger frame will help him be able to hold up to the punishment he receives attacking the paint on a nightly basis in the NBA. A mor educable Rondo that plays more will be huge for Boston’s tile hopes.

The added strength will also help Rondo’s game. On offensive he will be able to take more contact and finish due to more upper body strength. The defensive game of Rondo will also improve as he will be able to guard the more stronger point guards like Deron Williams and Russell Westbrook. These guys will no longer be able to push Rondo around with this added muscle of Rondo.

The bottom line is great players improve every year no matter how good they are. Rondo could have been stronger in previous seasons and he corrected that this off season. If he worked on his jump shot as hard as his body than the NBA is going to be in trouble this year. My money is on that he did. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!!

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