The Celtics swap Ray Allen for Jason Terry and Courtney Lee: How did they do?

By Rob Lunder

Ray Allen recently left the Boston Celtics, who he helped win a championship with in 2008, to sign with the rival Miami Heat.  This was a topic that never seemed possible in the eyes of Celtics fans.  Ray was going to be a Celtic for life and that was the way it was going to be.  Before he left the team, Boston made a savvy move to not only protect itself against a possible Allen departure, but to also shore up a bench that was nonexistent in last year’s postseason by signing former Dallas Mavericks shooting guard Jason Terry.  Terry is a similar player to Allen in that he is an excellent three point shooter who also has a Championship pedigree.  Once it was announced that Avery Bradley would miss the start of the season with a serious shoulder injury that he suffered in last year’s playoffs, the Celtics completed a sign and trade deal with the Houston Rockets to acquire shooting guard Courtney Lee.  Lee is only 25 and is a more than capable three point shooter.  He is also an extremely athletic defender and back door cutter who seems to fit the Celtics needs.  The Celtics gave up very little to acquire Lee as the team had recently soured on former first round pick Jajuan Johnson, who no longer appeared able to play the power forward position full time due to his thin frame.

The Celtics essentially traded Allen for Terry and Lee.  That is a huge win in my book.  Lee and Terry are at this point arguably better players than Allen.  Lee, who was essentially the fourth or fifth option a few years ago on an Orlando team who made it to the NBA Finals, gives the Celtics a ton of flexibility.  He is an excellent perimeter shooter and gives the team the type of young legs that can run the floor with point guard Rajon Rondo.  Terry is a similar shooter to Allen, but he can create his own shots that Allen can’t.  He also offers the team position versatility in that he can also play point guard if the team needs to give Rondo a breather.  Allen, at this stage in his career, can no longer create his own jump shot and is really just a catch and jump shooter.

This trade is clearly a win-win for the Celtics and a great reason as to why the Celtics championship window has been extended.



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