LeBron James is now King

By Aime Mukendi

LeBron James is officially the king.

He has his ring and he has gold as validation.

Over his career, James has been scrutinized for passing the ball late in games, being too childish, caring too much about what media members say, and shrinking under pressure.

In the year 2012 all of those accusations have been laid to rest.

James at age 27 is a 3-time NBA MVP, defending NBA world champion, defending NBA Finals MVP, and has won the last two gold medals in the Olympics.

The accomplishments he has piled up in 2012 compare to only one player, Michael Jordan.

Do haters still have the right to criticize James?


He has done everything he needed to do to date and now has finally received his crown and throne.

He matured as a player and as a man right before the eyes of the world.

His 2011 NBA Finals failures may have been the best thing to happen him and basketball.

James since he entered the league has been a polarizing sports figure who up until June 2012 was glorified for everything he did except winning a championship.

It is almost impossible to be a true fan of the game of basketball and not enjoy the way he plays the game. He is the best player in the world and a superstar who is comfortable enough with himself to share the basketball with his teammates.

People say this is a new LeBron but he is still the silly child-like figure he has always been.

It just finally clicked.

LeBron James finally realized that to be the king you must lead your army through  battles out in front and take complete responsibility whether you win or lose the war.

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