Bynum's Knee Surgery Gaining Acceptance

By Tyler R. Tynes

Even though the Philadelphia 76ers’ new center Andrew Bynum is choosing to get his noninvasive knee appointment before the pre-season, the procedure has been performed in the United States for almost a decade. The procedure, known as regenokine treatment, is a nonsurgical action that administers the injections to his knees in hopes that it will extend his career.

The treatment was first cleared for use in Germany in the early 2000’s. Since then, it has spread to the United States in several states and has been used by numerous athletes across the sports realm, more notably Kobe Bryant. This breaking change in sports medicine has been seen to help the back and joint pains in more than $60,000 athletes, as reported by Chris Renna, a specialist in preventative medicine.

There’s only one issue with the medical proceeding is it’s total expenses. Since the layout is not covered by insurance, Bynum will have to pay $12,000 out of pocket. The concept itself is basically a form or therapy, another reason why former teammate, Bryant, will be receiving it another time before the season begins.

The process includes getting blood drawn, then spun in a test tube until a serum can be separated from the blood. Next, the serum is injected into the knee to grow more tissue in the leg allowing Bynum to play like the all-star we all know him to be. In total, Bynum should take five injections over a period of five days. Also, since there is no recovery time required,the big man from Plainsboro, NJ, should be more than prepared for Sixers’ training camp in the first week of October.

Renna wants to see this procedure change in the near future, from being something only the rich can afford to something everyone deserves.

“It’s groundbreaking,” Renna said. “The unfortunate truth is that because of its expense and status, the treatment is for the 1 and 2 percent of our society. The hope is that in a few years it becomes a treatment for the 100 percent.”

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