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Denver Nuggets Plan for Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala is officially a Denver Nugget as Thursday Denver held his official press conference and needless to say he has quickly warmed his way into the hearts of Denver Nuggets fans everywhere. However, what’s Denver’s exact plans for the All-Star? Denver Nuggets GM, Masai Ujiri, explained to a local radio show in Denver.

“So I think that was where the upgrade was. We feel Iguodala is going to be able to score a little bit more because of the way we play. I think the Sixers played more of a halfcourt game and they played more in a halfcourt setting. We go up and down, and that’s his game. He likes to find people, he likes to make plays, he likes to attack the rim, and that’s how he plays. So I think on both sides we have somebody that can play-make for some of our other players and … an elite defender that’s going to help us be better on defense.”

Denver is actually 28th in points allowed for last season (I was pretty positive it was 29th in that arena) and factor in pace and that brings Denver’s overall offensive efficiency to 20th in the NBA. Either way, Masai is correct about one thing; Iguodala will be helpful around the perimeter when Denver gets thrashed by three-point shooting. As Masai mentions, he hopes to use Andre in being a play-making, aggressive shot taker, aka getting off of the fast-break and attacking the rim.

While many don’t see Andre making a difference in Denver, Andre may be put into a situation where the offense goes through Ty Lawson first. The fact that the monkey is off of Iguodala’s back as the main offensive go-to guy, might be the best thing to happen to Andre.

However, only time will tell if Denver’s plans will fully pay off.