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5 Hopes For Hornets’ Season (Part 1 of 4)

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1. Anthony Davis is as good as advertised

– Whenever a player is drafted first overall and is considered one of the best prospects of his generation, the fan-base has expectant high hopes. Davis has created quite a buzz across the country and New Orleans Hornets fans are counting the days until the season starts. The fact that he is already an Olympic gold medallist makes his NBA debut that much more exciting. Davis will be looked upon as a franchise savior in New Orleans and the team can only hope he as good as advertised, so that their rebuilding period could be faster.

2. Eric Gordon’s Heart is in New Orleans

– During his restricted free agency period, Gordon signed a maximum offer sheet from the Phoenix Suns and claimed that his heart was in Phoenix. There was bound to be some animosity once the Hornets matched the offer sheet, effectively keeping him in the Big Easy for at least four more years. Hopefully he has gotten over whatever pain he had, has accepted New Orleans at his home and is ready to give it his all. If so, expect a career year as he should be the top option on offense each and every night.

3. The Team Finds A Starting Point Guard

– The jury is still out on whether Greivis Vasquez is a starting caliber point guard, but his lack of speed, athleticism and sizzle gives him a very low ceiling. The team needs a high-potential point guard to grow with the team and give their multitude of scorers a chance to succeed. Without a good point guard, there is little chance the roster will be at its best.

4. Overall Chemistry

– More than likely, the Hornets will once again be a lottery team, but with all of their great young talent, it would be excellent to see them bond and grow together and get better each game. If so, the team will be more dangerous in the future. It would be great to see immediate dividends after the roster overhaul if it has the potential to be as good as people think.

5. Health

– If the team hopes to have the chemistry necessary to grow together, all players must be healthy so that they are able to have the playing time to try and gain that overall chemistry. If one of their key players gets injured for any period of time, that will be time lost and time that will have to be made up at a later date. Overall health will speed the maturing process, but any big injuries sustained could slow the Hornets on their path back to the playoffs.

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