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NBA Atlanta Hawks

Dwight Howard deal helps Heat more than hurt

Contrary to belief Dwight Howard being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers helps the Miami Heat in a potential NBA Finals match up between the two.

During the 2012 postseason the Heat did not struggle against teams that were bigger at the power forward and center positions. In fact that style of play played right into their hands. Pat Riley has been adamant about the Heat not needing a center. Simply because down the stretch they were better without one.

The Heat play a fast pace, intense, ball pressure, fast rotating, help the helper defense, that puts pressure on perimeter players of every team in the league. That type of defense is not made for big men.

Offensively they play small ball to create more holes in the defense for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to penetrate while spacing the floor with sharp shooters. That type of offense is not made for big men either.

The Lakers have an old Kobe Bryant and an old Steve Nash. They won’t be able to handle pressure defense from the Heat and be able to stay in front of James, Wade, all while pressuring shooters such as Mike Miller, Ray Allen, Norris Cole, James Jones, and Mario Chalmers. Then Howard or Pau Gasol will be forced to try to defend Rashard Lewis, Shane Battier, or James depending on who is playing the power forward position.

In other words the Lakers did not force the Heat to have to change their game plan by acquiring Dwight Howard.

In fact it will just strengthen the dynamic of both the Heat offense and defense.

The blockbuster deal also takes attention away from the reigning champs and immediately hoists pressure upon Dwight Howard to deliver a title ASAP to solidify his greatness.

During this past postseason the Heat’s stars played their best basketball when they became the underdog.

Thank you Orlando Magic front office.