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Sixers’ Guard, Evan Turner, Key To Second Unit

You know it’s a problem when video games stop having faith in you. Earlier this week, NBA 2K12, a popular basketball video game among numerous fans, released another update of its rosters, the first after the Bynum trade last week. The main difference in the 76ers lineup came with the Philadelphia 76ers‘ guard, Evan Turner, being placed on the bench.

Even though video games can be fictitious, this update proved to show a much needed improvement in the back-court. With the decline in play from the young guard, players like Nick Young or Jason Richardson can step up and become the starting 2 guard or wing-man reducing Turner to a “role playing” position on the roster. And honestly, that isn’t the worse move for the Chicago born guard.

Turner hasn’t had the most  impressive NBA career so far in it’s short existence. Switching between starting roles in a competitive Philadelphia roster has been tough, but through it all Turner has become one of the most liked characters in the rotation. Gaining 100k+ Twitter followers in 2 short years is a humbling feat in it’s own right, but the city can’t seem to get enough of the young “star-in-the-making.” However with the added attention also brings attention to his lacking ability on the court.

The former Ohio State standout has only averaged 8.2 points per game, 2.8 assists per game, while snagging 4.8 boards a game in over 30 starts in the NBA. As a starter he’s averaged 12.7 points per game which is an increase, but in Atlantic conference play he averages less than 10 points. There may be hope for him as a starting forward however. In two games starting at forward, he averaged a double-double having 20.5 points per game and 10 rebounds in splitting in each conference.

There’s only one problem with Turner starting forward, there needs to be a primary ball-handler with experience to man and lead the second unit, and so far it only looks like Turner. Looking forward at the 76ers roster, the depth on the bench will be a vital lift to the team offensively. To lead that offense, there needs to be an established leader on the team, and that role is looming over Turner’s head.

So if he ends up leading the second unit off the bench, don’t think of it as a downgrade. Just picture it as being the biggest fish in the smallest pond, with Evan running the show, as he would be best doing in any rotatory look via the offense.

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