NBA Rumors: 76ers Preparing Deal for Andrew Bynum

By Tyler R. Tynes

Philadelphia, PA- According to Jeff Skversky, sportscaster at WPVI-TV 6abc in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia 76ers are preparing a multi-year extension for star center, Andrew Bynum, that would be around $20M per year, reported via a report from Twitter.

The 76ers are looking to put the Atlantic division in a metaphoric state of checkmate by attempting to extend Bynum’s contract and make him one of the highest paid players in the NBA. Following a press conference early last week, Bynum stated, paraphrasing, “that he would have no problem making Philadelphia his home…” which resulted in news spiraling about the next move for the front office in Philadelphia.

Behind the cheers of frantic fans audibly screaming “sign him now” and “bring Bynum home,” President Rod Thorn and company stayed composed in their seats. This decision however, will most likely send shock waves down south Broad Street. Bynum has continuously become arguably the best big man in the NBA after his time on the Los Angeles Lakers. While averaging near double-double numbers and increasing his importance in a heavily stacked roster, he’s finally come into a team that values his presence on the court.

Bynum’s presence, regardless, will be felt by any front court he faces in a 76ers jersey. Offensively, the big man averaged 18.7 points per contest and in post all-star game action, he racked up 21.2 points per game in almost 36 minutes played while grabbing 10.9 boards. It would be an understatement to say that bringing him onto the roster would make the Sixers a championship team.

Also with a lacking front court, Bynum is the perfect centerpiece to build a Philadelphia franchise around. With the addition of younger forwards such as; Arnett Moultrie, Lavoy Allen being re-signed earlier this summer, Thad Young and the re-signing of Spencer Hawes, the 76ers can make a legit argument surrounding their muscular front court presence.

Bynum said once that: “Pressure makes diamonds.” Well if that happens to be true, the pressure of a city thirsting for a long overdue championship has finally brought a diamond into the mine shaft, and it’s shine is equivalent to an NBA Championship. Philadelphians can dream can’t they.

Tyler R. Tynes is the Featured Columnist for the Philadelphia 76ers with Rant Sports, Lead Writer covering the Philadelphia 76ers for Buzz On Broad and the NBA Insider for “4 for 4 Sports Talk with Goddess and Hurka” 

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