NBA Rumors: Would Derrick Rose Ever Leave Chicago?

It’s a question that many NBA fans were surely thinking about before Stan Van Gundy came right out and said it: would Derrick Rose ever consider leaving the Chicago Bulls?

There’s certainly some validity behind the question, given the current state of the NBA. What the Miami Heat started with their “Big 3″ has become the norm in the NBA, as we’ve seen a few teams become powers, while superstars leave the smaller markets behind.

The latest case is, of course, Dwight Howard, who found his way to the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, joining Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Pau Gasol. That essentially leaves one elite team that has actually built on its own, and that’s the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Derrick Rose has some talent around him in Chicago, when he returns from his ACL tear in the spring of course. It’s a group that made a run to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2011 and grabbed the no. 1 seed this past season, but hasn’t looked like a team capable of grabbing the franchise’s first title in over a decade.

So given the current state of affairs in the NBA, would Derrick Rose consider leaving to play with bigger stars? Obviously he already plays in a top notch market, but if they don’t put the pieces around him, does the potential for a LeBron James-type exit exist for Derrick Rose?

It’s certainly a possibility, as we saw with James, who left his hometown and a bigger sports town to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. The actual probability of such a move, though, seems to be on the smaller side.

What we’ve seen from Derrick Rose so far in his career is that he’s different than the other big stars. He’s humble and appears to be very loyal to the Bulls and to his hometown in Chicago. So given what we know of the man, it’s very difficult to see him leaving the Windy City.

Bulls fans can rest easy for now, though, knowing that it will be a while before Rose even has the opportunity to leave. He signed a five-year extension to keep him in Chicago for the foreseeable future. Though as difficult as it might be to imagine him leaving, the possibility is certainly there and will be an intriguing situation to watch moving forward.

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  • gilgerard

    If the Bulls can’t get him help, he absolutely could leave. Means Mr. Reinsdorf will have to spend some money if he wants to keep D-Rose around.

    If he doesnt, he might as well sell the team because he’ll never survive the Chicago fanbase…