Ray Allen's Role With the Miami Heat

By nbamistress

When Ray Allen signed with the Miami Heat during free agency this summer it presented a few questions with the biggest one being if he was upset with his reduced role with the Boston Celtics, why sign for less for a similar reduced role in Miami? As a sidenote, we all know the real answer to this question, but for argument’s sake let’s go through the analytical motions.

Miami signed Ray Allen for what he can do — still — at his advanced age, which is spot-up shoot, being a knock down shooter, and he is especially vital from the perimeter, not to mention his leadership qualities and could become a “glue guy” for Miami .

While Allen’s role may be further reduced in Miami, he does have a specific role with the team, and that’s when LeBron James draw defenders it will create instances where it opens up Ray Allen, which equates to a three-point party (45.3% last season) along with jumpers. As mentioned above, Ray Allen’s shooting ability — when he can get “his” from anywhere on the court — is going to create defending problems from the opposition. Also, Allen can read defenses and is a terror on off-ball screens especially when he is paired with the best NBA player in the free world with LeBron. This is going to give opponents fits in defending Bron and/or Allen as one would be open or not being defended properly.

Another aspect to think about is LeBron’s passing — which has been highly complimented in the Olympics — in relation to Ray Allen. With Allen, it creates spacing and combine Bron’s passing skills when the lane gets clogged and you bet that Allen will be sitting, unguarded, on that three-point line just waiting for Bron’s dish.

Yes, Ray Allen will take a 6th man role with the Miami Heat and more importantly his role with the team will force opponents’ to rethink their current defensive plays for the Heat.

To answer the early question on why Allen signed for a reduced role for less money: Championship.

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