Nets Prokhorov Talks Trash, Calls Knicks James Dolan "Little Man"

By Nir Regev

Hello, Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Nets owner and billionaire mogul Mikhail Prokhorov has fired the first shots against the New York Knicks. In a new interview conducted by, Mikhail requests James Dolan be referred to as ‘little man’.

“He also made sure that I heard him call Dolan “that little man.” – Will Leitch


Whether defining Dolan’s stature, female success, or a scouting report for Dolan’s chances at starting at point guard for the Knicks never ending carousel of guards is unknown. One thing is for sure, Prokhorov wants a piece of the New York market. He wants to be what George Steinbrenner was to the New York Yankees. This is the perfect time, with a new home in the Barclay’s Center in the heart of a community known for its passion for basketball and a desire to have a team they call their own.

Naturally, then, it comes as no surprise that in this perfect storm Prokhorov would hire Billy King and Avery Johnson. Who needs lottery picks when you can pick up the Portland Trail Blazers castaways and not Dwight Howard?


The Atlanta Hawks never needed Dwight Howard to win a championship and they did just fine.

If things fall perfectly in place, the Brooklyn Nets will indeed take the New York Knicks ‘sacred’ yearly playoff spot to lose in 4-5 games in the first round. It is a big recognition after all to be disposed of by King James and his nobility. If you havin’ championship problems, I feel sorry for you son, I got 99 problems but Joe Johnson ain’t one.

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