2012-13 Hornet Hopes Part 2 of 4

6. Monty Can Reach the Young Players

Monty Williams has shown a real skill at being able to reach his younger players and having them play up to their potential, but now with a new batch of players and with a four man core all under 25 years of age, it will be very interesting to see how he converses with his players. This may be difficult as Austin Rivers has a reputation of being cocky and having trouble fitting in with teammates, Eric Gordon may still be bitter about being resigned, Ryan Anderson is playing for only the second team of his career and may have problems adjusting to the first new city in his short career and Anthony Davis will have to adjust to the pressure of being the franchise player. If Monty can help this fantastic young core get in line and play up to their potential while earning their respect and cutting down on egos, then this team will be very good.

7. New Owners Keep Changes to a Minimum

In most sports, whenever a new owner takes over, they prefer to make over the front office with their own people and the current management team, including the head coach, is often kicked to the curb. For now, GM Dell Demps seems safe and Williams just had his contract extended, which are both great signs, but they have both done such an incredible job that it would be foolish to even think of getting rid of them and their people.

8. Austin Rivers Becomes Dominant Sixth Man

For now it does not look like Rivers has what it takes to be a point guard, as he looks most comfortable when attacking, and with his skills on offense he would be the perfect offensive leader for the second unit. If they let him become their offensive sixth man, he should flourish and could be one of the most exciting backups in the NBA.

9. Henry and Aminu Look Better

Al Farouq Aminu and Xavier Henry are both entering their third NBA seasons and both former lottery picks have yet to find their place in the league. Basically, both players must find their niche. With Aminu’s size, length and great athleticism, he could become one of the better perimeter defenders in the NBA and if he decided to attack the basket instead of settling for jump shots, he could become a very efficient offensive player. Henry has been struggling since entering the NBA as he came into the league as a tall shooting guard with a great shot and good athleticism. He has the talent to be a dynamic offensive player, because he can shoot and get to the hoop, but all he needs is a bit of confidence. Both of these players have the ability to be very good offensive players if they put in the work and hopefully they did this off-season.

10. Rivers and Gordon Play Well Together

It is safe to say that the Hornets did not draft Rivers 10th overall then give Gordon $58 million so that they would never play together. Both players are undersized, neither is a point guard and their defense is a bit suspect, but together they would be good enough to run and carry an offense and they would be absolutely explosive together. They are the only two players on the team who can create their own shot, are both great shooters and both can get to the hoop, so if they play well together, they will have found their guard duo in clutch situations.

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