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NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Mike Zarren Top Candidate For 76ers GM Job

The NBA Rumors’ mill once again has the Boston Celtics involved. NBA rumors are stating that Celtics’ assistant GM Mike Zarren is the leading candidate to be named Philadelphia 76ers General Manager, taking over for Rod Thorn. This would be a huge loss for the Boston Celtics and sting even more due to the fact that he would be going to a division rival.

For those that do not know about Mr. Zarren, here is what he has done in Boston. The man is an eight year front office veteran that rose from unpaid intern all the way to the assistant GM position. Zarren has done this by being a salary cap wiz and and statistical analyst guru. The reason despite being up against the cap Boston found a way to land Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, Jason Collins, and Chris Wilcox can be attributed to this man’s cap juggling creativity and genius. Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge can convince a guy to come here all they want, but Zarren is the guy that found a way to make the numbers work. Losing a guy like this is never good and losing him within your division is even worse.

However, Zarren might not be leaving. After all Zarren is a life long fan and season ticket ticket holder of the Boston Celtics. He bleeds green and despite a promotion, maybe Zarren’s boy hood dream is Danny Ainge’s job. The fact is Ainge is not going to be around forever and seeing his meteoric rise to the his current position, maybe the organization views him as the guy of the future with Ainge grooming him. If that is the case then maybe he sticks around due to loyalty to the team he loves. I hope he does because this talented basketball mind would be a huge loss even if not many people know who he is. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!