Milwaukee Bucks Player Capsules 2012-'13: John Henson

By Bobby Malecki

The Milwaukee Bucks forced many of us to scratch our heads, including my own, on draft night with the selection of John Henson out of the University of North Carolina.

By no means a criticism of the 21-year old, 6-11 220-pounder with a ridiculous 7-6 wingspan; it just didn’t appear that Henson was a needed commodity.  

If you’ve been following my work since I’ve been added to the Rant Sports team, I’m sure everyone’s tired of me singing the same tune about the overloaded Bucks front court. With that being said, I will spare you another rant and instead talk all that’s good about Mr. Henson.

John Henson is a very gifted athlete who has All-NBA Defensive first-team potential. Henson’s offensive game is underrated. It’s a work in progress, but I believe it to be efficient. During summer league play in Las Vegas, Henson showcased an impressive hook shot, particularly with his left hand, and a decent mid-range jumper.

Henson isn’t going to blow you away on the offensive end, but he’s not going to hurt your offense either. He understands offensive concepts, thanks in part to three years of seasoning at a major collegiate program under a Hall-of-Fame worthy coach in Roy Williams. Henson can pick n’roll, move the ball and is good in space.

However, the defensive end is where you are going to get your money’s worth with the former 2-time ACC Defensive player of the year. He has an uncanny ability to block shots while managing to stay out of foul trouble. (3 blocks per game/1.6 fouls per game as a Jr.)

Henson covers a lot of space defensively and with his exceptional wing span, he really has the ability to wreak havoc on opposing offenses.

Henson runs the floor well and is a high energy player that appears to keep his emotions in check. I’ll sound like a broken record one more time because I know I’ve said this about Doron Lamb, but I think Milwaukee is a John Henson kinda town!

Over time, Henson is going to need to add some muscle to his rail-thin physique and toughen up for the rigors of battling bigger, stronger and more physical NBA post players 82 times a year. From all accounts, his work ethic isn’t in question, so I don’t see this as a red flag.

John Henson has the potential to be a star. A franchise player. Perhaps even a superstar. I see big things for Henson in Milwaukee, but I firmly believe he must be given significant minutes right away. He’s not an 18-year old project out of high school; he’s a 21- year old, established collegiate player with a wealth of big game experience.

After having about two months to digest the Milwaukee Bucks selecting John Henson, the initial head scratching has turned into a resounding two thumbs up!

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