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Boston Celtics Player Outlook 2012-2013: Brandon Bass

We continue to preview the Boston Celtics roster for the 2012-2013 season and today we look at Brandon Bass’ outlook for this upcoming season.   Bass was acquired by the Celtics last offseason in exchange for Glenn “Big Baby” Davis.  It was an interesting trade at the time because of each player’s ability to help a basketball team in different ways.  Bass has been an overachiever his whole life.  He was drafted in 2005 out of LSU in the second round by his hometown New Orleans Hornets.  He had a rather uneventful two seasons for the team.  He then played for the Dallas Mavericks and Orlando Magic respectively.  He signed with the Magic after two seasons in Dallas.  Celtics GM Danny Ainge knew last year that it was time to move on from Davis and he did really well getting a player like Bass in return as part of a sign and trade deal.  He resigned with the Celtics this past offseason after being courted by a number of other teams.

Bass is a great role player for any basketball team.  He uses his strength and brute force to his advantage.  He has nice athleticism and gets a lot of easy dunks near the rim.  He developed a great rapport with point guard Rajon Rondo last season.  He is also an excellent 15-18 foot jump shooter and that is something that the Celtics always value in their big men.  Spacing the floor is huge in any system and it will allow more driving angles for Rondo and Paul Pierce, among others.  With him and Kevin Garnett on the floor at the same time, the Celtics have a great jump shooting team and have to be kept accounted for by the opposing team on defense.  Bass is also a great locker room presence and developed into a leader for the team last season.

Before we label him as the next Kevin Mchale, he does come with his weaknesses.  He is only about 6’7 to 6’8, so length is an issue and he does struggle against taller players.  He tends to get blocked pretty frequently in the post and it is an issue that he has battled his whole career.  He just needs to continue to working hard in the post and his opportunities will continue to come.  He also does not put up the rebounding numbers that you would expect from someone who plays his style of play.  That isn’t as a huge issue because the Celtics are one of the best help side defensive teams in the league.

Bass will have almost the same role as last season.  He and the Celtics did not start taking off last season until head coach Doc Rivers inserted him into the starting lineup as the starting power forward and shifted Garnett to the center position.  He and Garnett are an excellent pairing and there is no need for Rivers to break that up.  He will play anywhere from 30-40 minutes per game and he truly is a player that the team has to count on for every game.  Brandon Bass is an excellent fit for the Celtics offensive and defensive systems and he will be a key cog moving forward for the foreseeable future.


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