Keeping Starters is Key for the Indiana Pacers

By J.M. Nicholas

Last season, the Indiana Pacers shocked much of the NBA with their best effort in nearly a decade. The Pacers (42-24) ended up with the fifth-best record in the NBA, and went to the post-season as the third seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Indiana made these strides with a first-time coach and no big name superstars on their roster. Playing true team basketball, the Indiana Pacers laid the foundation for the future while still flying under the radar.

The most important part of keeping this young team moving forward, is keeping the nucleus together. The organization has done everything possible to bring back the same starting lineup that helped the Pacers reach the second round of the playoffs last season. All five starters from the end of last season will return to play for the Pacers in the 2012-13 season.

The first (and most major) item to be dealt with was the re-signing of All-Star center, . As well as locking up their big man in the middle, the Pacers re-signed point guard (and Indianapolis native) George Hill to the roster. Indiana has many players that can serve well at several positions, but keeping a solid starting line-up will prove to pay off in the long run, now that this team will have a full practice schedule and a full season to work with one another.

This off-season will prove to be the first time that this team will be able to work full-time with head coach Frank Vogel and his staff. Hibbert, Hill, Danny Granger, David West, and Paul George will have a leg-up on many teams in the NBA next season, with both talent and cohesion.

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