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Norris Cole will be more valuable this season for Heat

Norris Cole may have a more valuable role with the Miami Heat than current starting point guard Mario Chalmers.

Cole is not the better overall point guard, but his ability to pressure opponents full court, and get to the rim may be more useful on this Heat team than last year’s. The Heat added more shooters this summer which means they will need to improve in other areas such as facilitating.

Cole nor Chalmers are pure point guards. However, if Cole can improve his play-making abilities, he could move ahead of Chalmers in the rotation. Cole became a spark that the Heat needed at the beginning of last season. If he can add an ability to create shots for his teammates, he will be more valuable than Chalmers. He will be able to take pressure of the Heat’s stars and he has an instants rub of effect on all of his teammates.

When he plays well, the Heat play well.

His ability to drive and kick will create many shots for the plethora of shooters on the Heat’s roster.

His job during the summer league this off-season was to be more of a play maker. He averaged 13 points, 4.8 assists, and 2.3 turnovers per game in their five appearances. The Heat finished 3-2  with Cole as the leader of their summer league team.

Cole’s numbers can potentially be better when he is consistently surrounded by better players. If he is able to be a consistent player when June approaches he will be more effective and valuable than Chalmers.