The Top 5 Reasons The Knicks Will Make A Splash This Year

By Eli Friedman

After back to back helpless and disappointing seasons, the Knicks are bound to make a splash on the scene this year. In 2011, New York thought the Knicks had a real bright future with Amare Stoudemire, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, and Raymond Felton making some noise in the Eastern Conference. A trade that sent Carmelo Anthony to New York in exchange for almost all of the Knicks roster, ruined the whole chemistry of the ball club. In so, the Knicks would lose to the Celtics in the first round.  In 2012, the Knicks looked like a lost team until Linsanity hit, but even then, critics questioned even more. Can Jeremy Lin do this with Anthony and Stoudermire in the lineup? Can the Knicks now make some noise in the playoffs? Should the Heat be scared? Answer to all: No.  This led to another first round exit, this time to the Heat.

This year, there is something inside of me telling me this is the Knicks year. Why? Here are the top 5 reasons:

1)     Coach Mike Woodson

After the leave of Mike D’Antoni, Woodson has now taken over in New York, and it is a perfect fit. He knows how to win, and was drafted by the Knicks in 1980.”I’m very humbled and honored to continue coaching the franchise where I started my NBA career,” Woodson said. “Our goal is to build off the success we had at the end of last season and to continue our quest of bringing an NBA championship to Madison Square Garden.”

2)     Raymond Felton’s return

Raymond Felton is a better fit for the Knicks than Jeremy Lin. I said it. Felton was the reason Stoudermire had so much success in the first half of the 2011 season. Hopefully, he will get Stat going again and back to his old playing days, and lit a fire underneath him. The Knicks don’t need a scorer in Lin, they need a facilitator, and Felton is that guy

3)     The Nets

The Nets? What? That makes no sense? It does. When a team comes into your city and tries to ‘take over’ New York as the better team, it drives you. Instead of the Knicks being complacent, they now have something to play for. Hopefully, the Nets moving to Brooklyn and getting marquee talent in free-agency, will hunger the Knicks to make a statement this year.

4)    Melo won gold with team USA

Finally. It must feel good for Melo to put that gold medal around his neck.  Anthony is not used to winning it all, and this gave him the opportunity to get a taste of what it feels like to be a champion. This could transfer over to the NBA season, giving Melo the hungriness to win again.

5)   The core four: Shumpert, Melo, Stat, and Chandler

Each one of these guys can do big things, and all have the ability to take over a game. Iman Shumpert is maybe the best perimeter defender we have in this league, and a major talent. Amare Stoudemire was once an all-star, and has the ability to get back to playing his usual basketball. Tyson Chandler was last year’s defensive player of the year, and can defend the best of the best in the league down low. And Carmelo Anthony is one of the best scorers we have in this game.

Don’t ask me why, but I would really like to see the Knicks have an awesome year this year. It’s time to bring glory back to the mecca of basketball. The city of New York wants to win, now it’s time to do so.

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