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Boston Celtics Jared Sullinger Has Skill Set To Help Boston’s Offense

BOSTON- A long standing fact is NBA titles are won from the inside to the outside as far as offenses. NBA greats such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have long made that statement and proven it on the court. A team must be able to score inside the paint and get easy baskets in order to score enough to win. A team does need balance with solid outside shooting to keep teams from collapsing their defense into the paint, but if the hard fought baskets in the paint are not there then chances are the team is not going to win an NBA title.

The Boston Celtics in 08 proved this theory as well. Kevin Garnett in the paint was a monster with his turn around jump shot being almost automatic. Paul Pierce‘s ability to drive and score at will on top of KG’s post presence made the Boston Celtics the last team standing. The fact is championship offenses run from the inside out.

The sad fact for the Boston Celtics is they have lacked that inside scoring a times the last few years. KG no longer dominates like he once did as his knee injury and age robbed him of his former amazing explosiveness. He can still get the job done as evidence by last season’s amazing run, but not like he did in 08. Pierce also no drives to the basket like he once did as age has taken a toll on his body. He can still score, but not like in 08. The sad fact is Boston never really got the pieces that it needed to help off set KG and Pierce’s drop in play. This is why Boston’s offense is so stagnant at times and even worse when these two men see bench time. These two guys drop in scoring in the paint and the fact Boston never replaced their production in the post are why Boston has not been able to finish the job come playoff time.

The Boston Celtics got very lucky in the NBA draft because they got a guy that can really help off set the drop off in play of KG in the post. The gods finally smiled on Boston and Jared Sullinger fell to them all the way at 21 due to some ridiculous medical reports that thus far seem to be very unfounded. Sullinger is advertised as a very polished low post player that is NBA ready to score in the paint. The man is rumored to know how to score. Sullinger may not have the best size, but his basketball IQ is just so high that he always has the right trick up his sleeve to both get his shot off and finish. Finishing with contact is also not something that Sullinger has a problem doing according to the reports that if the NBA Summer League showed are quite true.

The fact Sullinger is wearing green means Boston has that low post option that it has lacked. They have a guy that if the offense is struggling they can get the ball to to get guaranteed points. Sullinger’s inside scoring means Boston can score from the inside to outside. This means the offensive power outages that have plagued Boston should be an issue of the past.

The Boston Celtics also added guys like Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox along with Sullinger that can get points in the post. This means look for Boston’s attack to be far more potent with Rajon Rondo hitting all his targets in the paint for easy scores. I do not know who will win the NBA title this season, but I do know Boston can score in the paint a lot better now than in previous years. This means I like their chances. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!