Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Has Made Most Money In NBA History

By Rob Nelson

BOSTON- Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett recently signed a contract extension to remain in Boston at a discount over what he could have gotten from other teams on the open market. The move was a nice gesture on KG’s part to remain with the Boston Celtics with a contract that allowed them to reload, but the good news is no one will have to hold any can drives for the Boston’s fiery leader. Pro Basketball talk recently published the list of NBA players that have made the most money through contracts and KG is number one on the list with $328,562,398 earned during his NBA career. The numbers are skewed by the fact they do not include endorsement money (Michael Jordan would clearly be number one not he list if this was included), but it is very impressive that KG earned more money than Shaq and Kobe Bryant throughout his NBA career.

In my opinion KG is worth every penny. However, my view is completely biased. I do bleed green and KG was the man that resurrected this franchise from the purgatory that it suffered from the injury riddled end of the Larry Bird era ( too good to be terrible, but not good enough for a title) through the abyss that followed through the Pitino era and the mediocrity of the Walker-Pierce days until 2008 when KG arrived. After KG arrived the winning vibe was back. Every player followed KG’s intense lead as he carried this proud franchise back to glory. The contract with Boston was clearly earned with this title in 08. Anyone that disagrees can go back to watching Raef Lafrenz, Todd Day, Jiri Welch, Marty Conlin, or Ricky Davis shooting for the Green and tell me this franchise was not in rough shape before KG. Remember worth every penny after living through that. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!

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