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Brian Scalabrine Close To Becoming Chicago Bulls Assistant Coach

Brian Scalabrine may have been the most popular member of the Chicago Bulls the last two seasons.  Although he rarely played, his human victory cigar act was quite popular with the fans.  Now it looks like the man known as the White Mamba will help coach the team this coming season.

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I guess I’m shocked by this but I am not shocked.  Brian Scalabrine was brought to the Bulls with the notion that he would help the team learn a new offense and a new defense.  Once that happened, his playing time vanished.  I assumed that Scal would move on to broadcast work somewhere, but coaching certainly seems up his alley.

This might be the one positive thing to look forward to next season.  The Bulls are going to be disappointing and it will be a tough pill for fans to swallow.  The front office mailed in the offseason and they want a full year recovery for Derrick Rose before they attempt to actually win something.  It’d be nice to have a team concerned with winning, but whatever.

Although he can not win the fans Big Macs anymore, I bet that Scal is still one of the most popular guys in the arena.  Everyone loves him.  Men want to be him.  Women want to be with him.  Other players wish they had his immortal basketball talents and I am only half joking.

Basketball is just around the corner and when an assistant coach hiring is your best move, something went terribly wrong.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.