Ranking the Dallas Mavericks: #15-13

By Derek Ayala

The Dallas Mavericks have their 15-man roster and it looks like that there will be no changes to the team any time soon. The question is: which players should the Mavs count on? I’m going to rank all 15 members of the Mavericks roster, starting with #15. It’s obvious who #1 is going to be, but what about Roddy B, Vince Cater and even rookie James Bernard?

#15- Dahntay Jones (G/F)– Jones right now to me is a no factor for the Mavericks. He may be one of the inactive players for the Mavericks this season. Coming to Dallas along with Darren Collison in a trade from the Indiana Pacers, Jones is coming off a year where he averaged only five points a game, a rebound a game and less than an assist a game along with playing more than 16 minutes a game. Playing 16 minutes and only coming up with a few points for his team in Indiana, I expect Jones to eventually be traded sometime before the trade deadline in February.

#14- Jared Cunningham (G)– There is not much to say about Cunningham right now as he did not play in the Summer League. Being selected 24th overall this past draft, all we know from him is that he averaged almost 18 points a game during his junior year at Oregon State. There might be value with him once he plays his first few games in the NBA, but I do expect him to spend a lot of time with the Texas Legends in the D-League. I believe that Cunningham will have plenty of chances to prove that he can be a legit player for the Mavericks and in the NBA. He could be a key piece to this team once Dirk retires and the Mavs start to rebuild. Personally, I am excited to see what this kid can do and I am sure that he can be a legit guard for the Mavericks.

#13- Dominique Jones (G)– Just like Cunningham, Jones could be a big part of the Mavericks’ future during the post-Dirk era. However, despite having an excellent Summer League as the second leading scorer with 16 a game, Jones has yet to show that he can play a full back up role for the Mavericks. Yes, Rick Carlisle needs to give him more minutes, but with a team that has an aging Dirk Nowitzki and a hunger to win now, there may be no chance for Jones at the moment to show he can play with the big boys in the NBA.


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