Andre Iguodala Will Become a Fan Favorite in Denver

By nbamistress

It’s been over two weeks since the Denver Nuggets acquired Andre Iguodala, and by now you have heard all the posts, articles, scenarios involving what Iguodala can do for Denver. We’ve heard the naysayers and we have heard from the enthusiasts. We’ve seen the wins produced along with the predictions.

So what could I possibly have left to say until training camp?

Here are five reasons why Iguodala may just become a fan favorite in Denver by season’s end.

5. I’m Excited

It’s been a season, at least, since I’ve been this enthralled about a player Denver has traded for. When was the last time you heard a player’s name and it made you cry like a school girl?? For me, it’s been awhile. I’m so overcome with excitement for Iguodala, I wish I had a time machine to push the clock forward to October. I don’t even think I was this gleeful when Danilo Gallinari re-signed.

4. He’s Perfect

FOR DENVER! I have said it countless times, but it’s as if I had a basketball guardian angel knowing how much this trade would please me made sure it happened, and it did. His athleticism, explosiveness, Iguodala owning in transition is perfect for Denver.

3. De-Fense

Put that “D” back in Denver, because the Nuggets just improved their defense. Denver ranked 20th in overall defensive efficiency last season. Don’t expect to see them there anymore. With Iguodala, Denver has improved, or rather, will improve, not to mention he’s a top three perimeter defender.

2. Lob City

Denver is throwing in Iguodala in a mix of guys that already have an incredibly gift for alley-oops. Mix in Iguodala and Denver should lead the league in dunks. Afterall, he joins a team of fast athletes such as Ty Lawson, Kenneth Faried, and JaVale McGee.

1. He Makes Denver Better

I have seen enough metrics to understand that Iguodala will MAKE Denver better. Defense, paired alongside Lawson, sitting along the perimeter ready to nail an open three, running the fast break as Andre Miller throws him a half-court pass, etc. Iguodala has possibly made Denver a top 4 seed team and with that all I have to say is…….

Get ready for Denver, Iguodala, because Denver is ready for you.


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