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Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Wants To Be The Best

“I hope I can end my career as the greatest point guard in the history of the Boston Celtics,”

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BOSTON- The Boston Celtics have had a rich history of great point guards that have donned the green and white over the years. The beginning of the great tradition of Boston Celtics point guards is of course the first truly great point guard in NBA history Bob Cousy. After Cousy the Celtics had legends like Jo Jo White, Nate Archibald, and Dennis Johnson were floor generals for championship Celtics teams to cement great legacies for themselves. All four are Hall Of Famers and considered NBA legends. These men also have something else in common now as current Boston Celtics superstar point guard Rajon Rondo is gunning to pass them on his way to accomplishing his goal as the greatest point guard in Celtics history.

In a recent interview while on a Red Bull tour, Rondo let the world know that his goal was to become the greatest point guard in Celtics history. The fact is this is a very lofty goal for Rondo to try to accomplish. These men were not just great floor generals, but winners. The greatest Celtics point guards are not just guys that can direct traffic and put up stats, but win the big games and collect titles. Cousy was the general of the original monarchy as Boston won the title like it was their birth right during Cousy’s hay day. DJ won two titles in his seven seasons in Boston as well as one title with Seattle; DJ earned quite lofty praise as he was called by Larry Bird the smartest player that Bird ever played with. Archibald only spent a few short seasons in Boston, but he won a title. Rondo may be in line with Archibald right now with one title win and some nice stats, but to be the greatest he will need to win more than the one ring that he has to his credit.

However, Rondo has plenty of time, talent, and the right attitude. In order to be the best a player must have the drive to become the best. Rondo has the drive. He opens his mouth and then works his tail off to get the results that he desires. In only a few short years Rondo has turned his game from solid to superstar level. The talent is clearly there to be the best as Rondo was otherworldly during the playoffs to showcase how great he can be. No one other than LeBron James controlled the game like Rondo did. If Rondo continues the trend he is on right now in the improvement area than this season will be one for the ages for the reigning NBA assist leader.

However, he needs to make that jump to be the man all the time in order to start collecting titles. Rondo cannot disappear due to his jump shot not quite being there. He needs a reliable jumper. The free throw shooting does not matter to me as much as his jump shot (Shaq and others dominated despite weak free throw shooting). If his shot is falling then as evidence by his game two in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, Rondo is the best player on the court due to court vision, speed, creativity, and athleticism. If one cannot collapse on him in the paint then Rondo will break down the defense every single time and make a team pay.

Cousy sits at six rings. Rondo has five more titles to claim to reach Cousy. Can he take the steps he needs to to ensure future greatness? Time will tell. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!