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NBA Rumors : Boston Celtics Brian Scalabrine To Become Bulls Coach

BOSTON- The NBA rumor mill again has a Boston Celtics flavor. The latest NBA rumors have former Celtics cult icon Brian Scalabrine staying with the Chicago Bulls. The twist to this story is Scal is not going to be the last man on the bench and unofficial coach. Scal is going to join Tom Thibodeau‘s staff in Chicago.

This rumor is probably one hundred percent true. Scal has long been considered a great guy to have on the team due to the fact he was great at helping coach players during practice. Why else was anyone still paying him the veteran minimum to sit on the bench and practice with an NBA team? Celtics head coach Doc Rivers always made it clear that he felt Scal would be coaching some day and insisted he had a spot on his bench for the famous red head. The problem for Doc is his old partner Tommy Thibs beat him to the punch and landed Scal.

Scal is a fun loving guy with a great basketball IQ and a body with skill that just did not match his mental aptitude. Scal also has the ability to explain the game to a guy to motivate them and make them a better player. In other words the perfect candidate to coach. I am glad Scal is breaking into this field. Doc Rivers is not going to be around forever. After a few years of seasoning as an assistant, how cool would it be for Scal to be the Celtics head coach? I hope it happens. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!