Donte Greene's Injury Jeopardizes His Chances Of Playing With The Brooklyn Nets

By Stephen Cho

BROOKLYN — Talk about bad timing. After getting a training camp invite from the Brooklyn Nets, Donte Greene would go down in a pick-up game in Charlotte on Wednesday.

MRIs would reveal that the injury appeared to be a simple fractured ankle, and many are hoping that is the extent of it. Although Greene has yet to truly show his worth in the NBA, there is great potential in the athletic forward. Not only does Greene bring his athleticism to the Nets, but also great hustle and energy.

Talking about energy, Greene was still full of energy and excitement after receiving the results of his injury, which were not too good. Greene’s buoyancy following his MRI test is just a testament to his constantly-exuberant character.

Greene thinks that the possibility of playing in Brooklyn is too good to keep to himself. Donte’s agent, Chris Luchey, comments on his enthusiasm, saying, “I’ve spoken to him repeatedly (since the injury) and he’s in great spirits. He’s so excited for the opportunity.”

Personally, I hope Greene recovers quickly and gets a chance to prove himself to the Nets, because I do think he would be a productive addition. But if the front office thinks otherwise, that’s understandable as well.

Other small forward back ups that the Nets are eyeing include Josh Childress, Sam Young, and considering re-signing Damion James. Expect to see Childress, Young, James, or Greene in a Nets uniform next season, because having Jerry Stackhouse as your first backup isn’t really an option.

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