Denver Nuggets: Where Team Basketball Happens

By nbamistress

The NBA is a team sport, but markets itself not of that belief, but rather the ideal of “The Superstar.” It’s no surprise that Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose are some of the most recognizable and illustrious professional athletes in the world.

The league thrives off of the marketability of superstars. It’s a visible distraction to the heart of the matter that the NBA —  back when the Toronto Huskies took on the New York Knicks in what is recognized as the first NBA game in 1946, is about: basketball.

This brings me to this question: why do we watch basketball? Do we watch it because of the latest McDonald’s advertisement or the latest LeBron X shoe?

Or do we watch it to see the fast-paced action, mind-boggling no-look passes to one-handed dunks?

The above is just one of the reasons many — from basketball purists to cynics — are excited about the Denver Nuggets and their brand of basketball.

There isn’t just ONE guy that will score, but MULTIPLE players that are offensive threats. Iso? Forget about it! Passing the rock, running the court, dunking the ball, driving to the basket, penetrating, kicking out the ball, stealing the Spalding, fast-break points…..

This is what makes Denver so fascinating and exhilarating to watch. It’s what basketball was intended to be: a TEAM sport.

At one point last season, Denver led the league in scoring, fast-break points, points in the paint, and two-point shooting percentage, while being second in the league with steals. This occurred all at the same time, and the expectations are much of the same this season.

Those statistics are indicative of Geroge Karl’s motto “Defense Leads To Offense.”Defense will be more present with Andre Iguodala leading the charge.

This team is dynamite and will surprise opponents, yet again, in which player will be the offensive scorer during any game. Often times, it can be multiple players as the Nuggets have shown they can have five, six, and seven guys in double figures.

They are legitimate, electrifying, and will awaken sleepy fans from around the country.

Coach Karl is on a mission again to prove the team concept can work in the league, and I have already bought in.

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