Boston Celtics : PG Rajon Rondo Calls Out Rival Los Angeles Lakers And Jeremy Lin

BOSTON- Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has never been shy about speaking his mind.

His thoughts on the Miami Heat superstars crying in the playoffs for calls or his annual claims of being the best point guard in the NBA are some of the best examples of Rondo speaking his mind and instantly providing both bulletin board material for opponents and becoming a lighting rod for the media.

In a recent interview Rondo again did what the Boston Celtics superstar point guard does best and provided some very controversial answers to some of the larger topics of the NBA off season.

The first comments were directed to the archrival Los Angeles Lakers. When asked about the Lakers, Rondo made it clear that they look good on paper with the additions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard.

However, Rondo made sure to note the fact that the Lakers have accomplished nothing together yet. In other words Rondo made it clear that the hype surrounding the Lakers is very premature.

Rondo’s most curious comments were directed towards Jeremy Lin and the Houston Rockets. Rondo was asked about the Lin signing and made it clear that he fully expects to give the Houston Rockets and Jeremy Lin a huge beat down when the Rockets come to Boston.

I know Rondo is a competitive guy and all, but Houston provides zero threat and is not a rival thus the pointed remarks make no sense. Perhaps Rondo was a little jealous of the whole “Linsanity” craze and wants the world to know that Lin is not as good as people think he is.

Rondo also of course predicted the Boston Celtics would get over the Miami hump and win the NBA title this season. Rondo feels the team got a lot better with the additions of Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, and a healthy Jeff Green.

This prediction of grandeur should surprise no one with the supremely confident Rondo always feeling like he can carry his team to victory. We shall see how Rondo’s comments shake out during the NBA season.

Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!!!

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  • Casual BB Fan

    That’s why no matter how much basketball talent Rondo has, he will not be a role model as Jeremy Lin is for all kids in the world.

    • plansmaker

      You sir are 100% correct. Rondo is just a ball player, Lin is much more…

    • vinnie

      talk is cheap.

  • plansmaker

    Rajon Rondo starts to sounded like Carmelo Anthony…Could they both be “jealous” of Linsanity? Carmelo has good reason to, because Lin eclipsed Melo’s spot light in the Big Apple. But Rondo, Where is the beef?

  • Brad

    Let Jeremy Lin play the game for Christ sake! Just because he’s not black, he can’t play? What is this High School? This is typical of racism bullying and stereotyping. Don’t do unto others if you don’t want others do unto you!

    • Chris

      You claim rondo is being racist, but at the same time, he’s doing a streetball tour in asia and says that he loves the phillippines.

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  • mike

    Rondo needs to go to Harvard and learn how to be humble.

    • Al

      Everyone is bashing Rondo but the fact of the matter is it’s a competitive sport. These are grown men battling it out 82+ games so you shouldn’t care about what other teams and players are doing around the leage. Hate your competition. Rondo is all about being a Celtic and trying to bring in #18.

  • Stephen

    This author is quick to jump to conclusions. Rondo said the Lakers haven’t done anything yet. But that doesn’t mean he thinks the hype is premature. He just said they look good on paper. The Lakers have good reason to have hype with their new additions. In fact, before each season, Rondo usually says the same thing about the Celtics. What Rondo means is just that, that they still, have work to do.

  • Dave

    arrgghhh! I am a huge Celts fan, but wish RR would keep his mouth shut and work on his 15 footer instead–usually those who talk about winning arent the ones who do–and the Celts are the greastest organization in sports history, imo, first all black team, first black coach, 11 championships in 13 years, and symbolize team over individual–but this doesnt help!!