Golden State Warriors Top 10 Plays Of The 2011-2012 Season According To The NBA

By Steven Resnick

The Golden State Warriors had a disappointing season in 2011-2012 after talks of a playoff appearance, then trading away their best player Monta Ellis and injuries cutting short the season of Stephen Curry after he repeatedly injured his right ankle.

While the season was one to forget after a 23-43 finish there were many highlight reel plays and on August 7th the NBA posted the top 10 plays of the season for the Warriors. Here’s a look in order of what those plays were:

10. On March 19th Chris Mullin had his no.17 jersey retired by the organization. He played in 13 seasons with the team, drafted no.7 overall, he was a member of the Dream Team and he joins Wilt Chamberlain by having at least four straight seasons of averaging 25 or more points per game.

While the gesture was great in honoring him that night also brought boos down on owner Joe Lacob.

9Dorell Wright made a nice move to create some space from Los Angeles LakersMatt Barnes for a jumper. As he went up for the shot Barnes made a solid defensive play causing Wright to bobble the ball in the air and forced him to throw the ball up with his left hand from his hip just inside the free throw line.

8. An alley-oop on a fast break from Nate Robinson to Dominic Mcguire for a two-handed slam enters the fray. It was a nice play and yet it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s deserving of a top 10 spot though.

7. This was Ellis’ first appearance on the count down of top plays and he makes his patented 360 spin move. He then uses his left hand to finish the lay-up draws the foul on Serge Ibaka for the three-point play opportunity. A play definitely deserving of a spot though and with how pretty it was the spot could have changed.

6. A great defensive play by Ekpe Udoh leads to a fast break with Curry lobbing the ball from half court to a cutting Ellis who finishes the play off with layup against the Utah Jazz. While the play starts out with a spectacular defensive play it’s more of a play that should start the list of plays.

5. Against the Sacramento Kings Curry comes up with a steal he isn’t able to pick the ball up cleanly which delays a fast break opportunity and yet he is able to improvise once he establishes possession of the ball while on his knees he is able to flip the ball 70 feet to a wide open Wright for the easy lay-up.

4. Warriors play tic-tac-toe against the Lakers on a fast break opportunity. Charles Jenkins starts the play just to the right of the free throw line finds Wright on the baseline who delivers a touch pass to the cutting David Lee for the dunk. This is a perfect spot for the play.

3. Another perfect placement for the play as Lee makes a behind the back pass to a cutting Ellis who finishes the playoff with a gorgeous spinning reverse lay-up against the Toronto Raptors.

2. For this play it should have been no.1 on this list as it was an incredibly reverse layup from Curry. He takes a pass from Lee gets bumped while in the air and throws up a reverse lay-up for a three-point play opportunity after being fouled by Luis Scola of the Houston Rockets.

1. Curry catches the Chicago Bulls napping and throws an alley-oop from the free throw line on the other side of the court to Wright for a two-handed slam. It’s understandable of why the play got chosen as the top play for the Warriors based on the difficulty of throwing a pass from that distance the reverse lay-ups by Curry and Ellis were just a bit better.

Here’s the video of the plays to see the top plays:

For a play that would take the place of the alley-oop involving Robinson and McGuire it would be the give-and-go between Ellis and Lee against the New York Knicks and here’s a video of the play.

Thank you to NBA and Warriors63215  for the videos.


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