NBA Rumors : Andray Blatche Close To Signing with the Brooklyn Nets?

By Stephen Cho

BROOKLYN — The Brooklyn Nets were presented with a quagmire earlier in the week when potential signee Donte Greene went down with an ankle fracture.

Greene was hopeful to sign with the Nets but his unexpected injury put the whole situation on hold.

By no means are the Nets moving on and forgetting Greene, but the Nets have begun to look for other players that could fill in the gaps in the Nets’ roster.

One possible Nets signee is Andray Blatche, who, after seven somewhat successful season with the Washington Wizards, was amnestied by the team. Any fantasy basketball owner knows that Blatche was an extremely pleasant surprise in the 2010-2011 NBA season, as he averaged 17 and 8 on the year.

Likewise, any fantasy basketball owner knows that Blatche was an extremely unpleasant surprise the following season, only playing 26 games the entire season and averaging 8 and 6. In addition to his absence on the court, it was evident that hubris and arrogance was slowly taking over the talented big man’s game.

Blatche’s most infamous moment is immortalized on YouTube, and shows his character in a nutshell. Nonetheless, arrogant or not, there is really no question that Blatche can flat out play. Blatche can do a little bit of everything on the court, from shooting, to rebounding, to posting up.

Blatche is considered the best option available in free agency for a reason. Blatche would make an immediate impact on the Nets, as the Nets lack an adequate backup center and overall size (both of which Blatche would bring to the Nets).

The Nets do not want to make a hasty decision in signing Blatche and have decided to meet with him to discuss the possibility of playing for the team. If the Nets do not end up signing Blatche, the power forward may land on the Minnesota Timerwolves, where he has picked up interest, or he will consider playing in the D-League.

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