Chris Paul vs. Steve Nash: Who Is LA's Best Point Guard?

By Kaylyn Neely

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Los Angeles Clippers has made for great sports journalism ever since Clippers management decided to turn the team into a winning franchise.

The addition of two of the best point guards to ever play the game has just added fuel to the fire.

When Rajon Rondo, reportedly told News Basket Beafrica in a French interview, “I have matured a lot and my game has also. I think I am one of the best playmakers in the league. I think I’m the best point guard in the league..” it instigated a lot opinions to who is  legitimately the best point guard in the league.

In the Staples Center, who is the better point guard, CP3 or Steve Nash?

LOS ANGELES — When probability and theory finally kicked in for the Los Angeles Clippers and Blake Griffin was drafted, it sparked managements interest in competing with the NBA‘s biggest and baddest. Griffin was going to be stuck there long enough that they would benefit from the investment.

In addition to Griffin, one of the key factors in the Clippers rise has been the arrival of Chris Paul.

In December 2011, it looked like Paul, like so many greats before him would go to LA to dress in a purple and gold jersey. Instead, the basketball gods decided to show mercy and the NBA rejected the trade that would have made Paul a Los Angeles Laker. The Clippers, determined to keep Griffin for a lifetime, would pursue and land Paul instead. They will also try to keep him for a “lifetime.”

The Lakers, not used to these kind of events, were notably upset. Since then, the Lakers have acquired the next best thing to Paul in Steve Nash, as they hope to contend in the Western Conference once again.

Even still, Nash is no Chris Paul.

Paul has youth on his side. If Paul and Nash were the same age, Nash would have the advantage. His trophy case is unmatched. It’s been a good 16 years. Last season, his stats overall declined. The first time ever that he has not trumped his previous season.

Paul has the advantage of being the leader on the Clippers. There is no power struggle, his role is clear and visible. Every game, Paul coaches and plays. Additionally, the Clippers play well as a unit, teamwork is well established.

The Lakers could potentially be a different story. Can a group of individuals, who are the best in the world at what they do, function as a team? Will they be a good on the court team or a good on paper team?

If the Lakers don’t have chemistry or a power struggle occurs, will Nash be able to hit his maximum?

Paul has a career average of 18.8 pts, 37.0 minutes played, 47.2 FG and 3.6 rebounds.

Last season, his best to date, Paul averaged 19.8 PPG played 36.4 minutes, 4.5 rebounds, and 47.8 FG. His PER was 27.09, the highest in the league.

Nash, last season averaged 12.5 pts PPG, played 31:36 minutes, 3.0 rebounds, and 53.2 FG with a PER of 20.29.

Nash has played 1152 NBA games, Paul 485. Arguably, Nash’s best games are his past thousand. Paul’s are his next 500. Paul, at 27 years old, hasn’t even hit his full potential.

So who is the best point guard in the City Of Angels? Despite his two NBA MVP trophies and being on a more start-studded team, Nash is past his prime at this point in his career, so the clear answer to this is the younger more explosive Chris Paul of the Clippers.

Only time will tell and give us the final answer.

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