Rajon Rondo : Can The Boston Celtics Beat The Los Angeles Lakers?

By Kaylyn Neely

LOS ANGELES — Rondo Rajon, who is currently touring Asia with Red Bull, recently predicted that the Boston Celtics will win the NBA title in the upcoming season. The point guard told Hong Kong’s The Standard, “He expects the Celtics to unseat Miami and win the NBA title in the coming season.”

The Standard also reported, “Rondo said “[the Los Angeles Lakers have] done nothing yet and it’s all on paper.”

Rajon joins the growing list of players that have called the Los Angeles Lakers, an “on paper team.” Rajon, Chris Bosh and Kevin Durant must know the Lakers don’t really need to prove they’re a “good on the court” team, to predict the impact their going to have on the NBA.

Yet, in situations when they’re asked, they can’t really sit there and say, “yeah, they should just start engraving their rings now to get the early bird special.”

All of them play for extremely capable teams and have a great shot at winning their conferences.

The Celtics are normally considered a top tier team but they’re not a favorite to win the NBA championship next spring. They can definitely beat the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs but it would be an upset if they beat them in a best of seven series.

The Celtics added Courtney LeeJason Terry and Jeff Green to fill out their roster. Even still, the comments by Rajon sound confident. However, these interviews were not published by English media and have been translated. We don’t know if those were his exact words.

There are a variety of ways to analyze players and teams. Depending on how the Celtics and the Lakers are evaluated, the Celtics can actually match up to the Lakers very well. While the Lakers have a more accomplished team, it would be an overstretch to call Rajon “overly confident” or “cocky.”

Rajon and Avery Bradley are both young, Bradley is only a second-year pro and Rajon–while talented–is only 26 years old. Lakers like Kobe Byrant and Steve Nash have had decades in the NBA to rack up the titles and honors.

Were Rajon’s comments confident?


Were they cocky?

Maybe not…

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