New Acquisitions Give New York Knicks Hope For Upcoming 2012-2013 season

By almanon

NEW YORK — The NBA 2012-2013 season begins in just a few months, the New York Knicks have made some brilliant and much-needed acquisitions. The Knicks would sign veteran point guard Jason Kidd and trade away Jared Jefferies for Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas of the Portland Trail Blazers.

By adding depth to the point guard position the Knicks now have multiple options when it comes to feeding F Carmelo Anthony and F Amar’e Stoudemire the ball.

With the center position there’s also additions with the signing of Marcus Camby. The aforementioned acquisition of Thomas in addition to Tyson Chandler on the roster the front court is imposing heading into the upcoming season and now Stoudemire and Chandler will not have to play heavy minutes.

Adding fresh, young talent to the roster was not a problem for the Knicks, as they would sign guards Chris Smith–brother of J.R. Smith–is now on the roster along with Pablo Prigioni. New York would also sign Chris Copeland out of Colorado. They got themselves more rookies this year than last only having Iman Shumpert, who is currently out with a torn ACL.

The Knicks can really make a push this year if they stay healthy and work hard every single day. They need to take these acquisitions and now build team chemistry. Every single player in that locker needs to be on the same page, know their role, have a set goal for the season and get those wins.

Can the Knicks be one of the teams out the Eastern Conference to make noise, to get the job done? Will the Knicks just be upset again and not even make it out the first round?



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