Knicks Want Sean Williams Computer Throwing Skills

By Nir Regev


Knicks Classifieds: Computer Throwing Skills Wanted

Sean Williams once threw a computer monitor at a cellphone store employee when he was with the New Jersey Nets. Never to be outdone by their pesky rival over in Brooklyn, the New York Knicks want Williams on their team! They won’t take no for an answer, like JR Smith any time he’s behind the three point line. He came, he saw, he chucked.

Coaching is for the suckers.

Mr. Williams would be arriving to a squad that is starving for a forward to take the highly coveted spot of 1 to 2 minutes a game behind Kurt Thomas. This move to sign Williams definitely comes as a surprise to a fanbase accustomed to a youthful lineup full of shiny bright-eyed lads like Marcus Camby and Jason Kidd.

“Forty is the new twenty” is the new saying on the Knicks. Now and then, one playoff game victory in the first round is the new championship. Hey, time’s change, you gotta keep rolling with the punches, or throw a computer monitor or two. That works.

Why Knicks Want Sean Williams

The Knicks want Williams to bring that intensity to their team. They want somebody to  prop up the bench, bring super elite stats: 3.6 points per game and 2.3 rebounds. But most of all, they are searching for championship level players at a discount.

Sure, things went sour with the Rockets, Nets, Mavericks and Celtics.. But they didn’t foster the nurturing, calming environment the Knicks have. Plus those teams believed in outdated concepts like team defense. Welcome to the Knicks, Mr. Williams.

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