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Stuff Lakers Fans Say: “Kobe May Be Better Than Michael”

LOS ANGELES — A while back, Sh*t People Say videos were going viral online. The videos soon went local and YouTube hosted a huge archive of videos, from Sh*t Canadians Say and Sh*t Girls Say, to Sh*t New Yorkers Say and Sh*t Nobody Says, just about every community, demographic and hobby now has a parody video. Pretty much every human experience was covered. The Los Angeles Lakers, being so fundamental to sports culture, were no exception.

Scooter Magruder, a super funny social media personality and vlogger, recently started to publish a series of videos that spin off the Sh*t _ Says videos. Magruder focuses on stuff that sports fans say, covering a variety of teams. And he’s dead on.

After it was officially announced that Dwight Howard had been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, Magruder released a Stuff Lakers Fans Say video. The video gives a quick history of the best comments to come out of Lakers fans, sports journalists, and commentators mouths in recent years. Since Lakers fans can sometimes make Charles Barkley sound modest, the video is a gem.

Personal favorites include:

“I saw Jack Nicholson at the game last night.”

“I’m not calling a grown man Metta World Peace.”

“Pass the ball Kobe.”

“Just pass the ball to Kobe.”

“Kobe might be the best of all time.”

“We don’t need Dwight.”

“We got Dwight.”

“It’s a great time to be a Lakers fan.”

Check out Magruder’s Stuff Lakers Fans Say video for these and other great quotes.

“How Many LeBron Have?”