Artest Calls Out Smith on Twitter, Talks Trash

By Nir Regev

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Daniel Artest has taken to Twitter to trash the New York Knicks coincidental signing of one Chris Smith. Artest feels he was signed only because of pressure from reigning three point extraordinarie JR Smith, and the move accounts for nepotism, poor sportsmanship and bad taste. In other words, Metta World Peace was unable to get the younger Artest a spot on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Good, Let The Hate Flow Through You
Here we see that Artest’s jimmies have clearly been rustled. World Peace would never risk getting his younger brother in on the action in Los Angeles without Kobe Bryant’s permission. Ole Ron Ron knows better than that. He can be shipped out of LA quicker than you can say Smush Parker or Andrew Bynum. Plus, defense isn’t quite as valued as more intricately sophisticated abilities like shooting wild threes from half court. Such is life.

Knicks: Pedigree of Chucking

This Knicks fan doesn’t understand the Knicks have a professional quota and standard of chucking to uphold. It was not about keeping Smith happy. It was about dignity, integrity and poor field goal percentage. Without these things, the Knicks would be just another generic nobody team. At least New York believes in something and they’re sticking by it.

Knicks Acceptance Requirements

The Knicks have the highest requirements bar-none in the league as far as signing players onto the squad. They are the Princeton and Oxford of the NBA combined when it comes to acceptance rate. Jerome James and Eddy Curry can pledge to that. They certainly wouldn’t take any random person off the street for try-outs and have them be a starter by midseason.

Especially if, by chance, they had the same last name–that would be wrong. The Knicks are even nice enough to waive pesky formalities like the GREs before signing someone. The education you can obtain while being a part of the Knicks team is on par with other prestigious institutions like Lincoln Tech.

Artest, who once had his seat number called in a half-time contest during a Seton Hall game in 1997 but missed both shots and won no prize airline tickets, does not require World Peace’s help. He wants to earn his spot the old fashioned way, by Twitting about it.

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