Boston Celtics: Forward Paul Pierce Has Key Partner In Jeff Green

By Rob Nelson

BOSTON- Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce is one of the top scoring threats in the history of this storied franchise. Dubbed the “Truth” for his ridiculous skills at the offensive end, Pierce has shown the ability to dominate a game offensively like few can. Pierce’s resume clearly backs this up as no one other than the great John Havlicek has scored as many points as Pierce in a Celtic uniform.

The problem for the Boston Celtics and Pierce is father time is setting in on this Celtic great. The last two seasons have seen a banged up Pierce with nagging injuries unable to provide Boston the boost that it needed to overcome LeBum James…oops LeBron James and his posse of NBA refs and teammates. Pierce as evidence by his 18 points a game and tremendous playoff performances this season before his MCL strain, is still more than capable of giving Boston the scoring threat that the team needs to make some serious noise come playoff time. However, Boston needed to find a guy that could take the scoring burden and minutes away form Pierce to keep him fresh in order to be utilized at the crucial playoff moments that require Paul Pierce to be the “Truth”.

Enter a healthy Jeff Green into the Boston Celtics mix. Green is the perfect guy to help Boston keep Pierce fresh for the all important playoff run. Green is a very capable scorer that can play twenty five to thirty five minutes a game and not only provide Boston some scoring, but take the load Pierce would have had to take on the offensive end in order to win.

Green is not like Pierce as far as being a guy that take over a game and impose his will on it in a manner that leaves a team feeling helpless, at least not right now. However, Green like Pierce can score in a variety of ways. Green has a solid post game, can take his man off the dribble, can run the floor ahead of the pack, he can shoot from mid range, and shoot from long range.

The scoring potential is definitely there with Green and thus Pierce is not required to play the minutes during the regular season that wore him down. The added scoring output that Green will bring will also take a lot of the mental stress off Pierce that he felt because as the team’s best and one of the only few scoring options last year for Boston he needed to score and be on the floor at all time.

People complain that Green was a volume scorer in OKC, but that is exactly what Boston needs. Boston needs a guy that is going to not be afraid to shoot and carry the offense. Green I do not think realized that was what Boston wanted when they got him and thus Green tried to modify his game to be passive for his future hall of fame teammates. Before his heart condition, Doc Rivers let Green know exactly what the team wanted from him and that was an aggressive scorer shooting at will.

The bottom line is Boston needed a man that could keep Paul Pierce fresh for the playoffs by providing scoring and thus rest for the “Captain”. A rested Paul Pierce for a playoff push is bad news for the rest of the NBA. Jeff Green is that guy and that is why he is so important to the Celtics season. My money is on Green doing his job and Paul Pierce being a beast come playoff time. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!

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